JHD focuses on design in various forms: 
consultations, staging, decorating, organizing & renovating.

Your Home Is An Expression Of Your Journey. 

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Home Staging is no longer an option in this real estate market -It's a must..... Barbara Corcoran, Founder of the Corcoran Group. 

Staging is the art of preparing your home to sell in its best possible form. We bring it from standard to stunning so it stands out amid the many other homes on the market. Giving your home that WOW factor is a wise  investment; it will increase its value and attract quicker and higher offers.

 How we can help:

Bring  new energy to your home by reducing clutter and repositioning furniture to create a better flow and cleaner look.

Offer our impeccable taste paired with current styles in design and decor to ensure your home emanates elegance and polish for showings.

Recommend the perfect art, accessories and lighting to showcase your home's full potential.

Consultations for partial or complete staging are available for homes, apartments and new developments, whether lived in or vacant.




Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.... Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Journey Home Design's goal is to help our clients create a home that makes them feel calm and comfortable while evoking creativity, inspiration, and true style. Opening the door for the first or millionth time, we want you to be amazed by its beauty, warmth and elegance. 

Do you have rooms full of furniture and art or are you starting from scratch? Have a few ideas or drawing a complete blank? Our team can help hone your ideas or create an entire vision. 

How we can help:

Create a design flow that is simple, serene and enhances every day living.

Suggest timeless and amazing pieces that bring your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Curate your artwork and accessories to inspire you and your guests alike.

Coordinate premium color palettes with stylish wall paper and luxe textiles. 

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The details aren't the details, they are the design....Charles Eames

Feeling tired and overwhelmed by clutter and a disorganized space?

Let us design simple yet efficient organizational systems for your home that really work!

A Well-designed and decorated home is greatly complimented by the order that keeps it that way. 

How we can help:

We can de-clutter a too busy space.  Every room has a function and everything in it should have a place.

Simplify your life to reduce stress and free-up your time for more enjoyable activities.  

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Renovating and Remodeling





As we evolve, our homes should also.

Whether you are simply looking to convert your den into an office, or expanding your kitchen to your dining area we can help. Should your project need a complete change of design tailored just for you, we can source the right architect and contractor. JHD is committed to handling the entire experience from start to completion.

Also, our team can place and manage your order with our vendors using our discounted pricing.